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Help needed!

Developing advanced, fast and reliable bridge deal analysing program (which is my intention) is not an easy task. It require lot of knowledge, time and passion.

Bridge Calculator is not commercial project and has only one developer.

That is why I ask You for help...

How You can help?

Money donations

You can just buy me a coffee:)

Using pay-pal:


or making transfer, information required to make transfers from European Union:

Piotr Beling
mBank, IBAN: PL84 1140 2004 0000 3702 3038 2820 

Futures propositioning

I can't promise that all sent idea will be implement in program. But any advice is valuable.

Bugs reporting


More users means more potential help for project and this can be translated for faster and more reliable program.

So please, tell about or send program website link http://bcalc.w8.pl to each potential user. If You can, write about  Bridge Calculator in your publications (in the bridge press or Internet).


You can help in program, website or documentation translation.

Writing deals downloading scripts

If you have a little programming knowledge, you can "teach" Bridge Calculator how to download the distribiutions of hands from your favorite tornament's website.

More technical details are included in the documentation.

Writing documentation

You can fill a user manual in section or wrote an independent manual or a howto.


Please send all ideas, translations, scripts, bugs rapports, etc. to my e-mail: qwak@w8.pl or qwak82@gmail.com