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API for programmers

Documentation is here.

GUI version

Deals downloading scripts


Bridge Calculator can automaticaly download tournament's deals from the Internet. To do this, it use the scripts dedicated for particular tournaments. Each script download adresses (URLs) from which the program will be able to download the distributions of hands. Each script is a file with a .lua extension.

Script's paths

How to write a script?

Bridge Calculator supports scripts written in a Lua language.

Lua is one of the most popular scripting language. There are many tutorials for Lua in the Internet. Also many books about this language exists. One of this book is very good, available on-line, Programming in Lua by Roberto Ierusalimschy. I also recommend studing already existing scripts which are distributed along with Bridge Calculator.

Script file should be saved using the UTF-8 or ASCII encoding, and the first its line should contain a comment with the name of the tournament (recommended format is: <name of place where tournament is play>, <name of tournament>).

In scripts written for Bridge Calculator You can use all Lua's standard libraries.

Console version

Non-interactive work (using in scripts, etc.)

Program can work without interact with user which can be usable when it is used for (typically massive) calculations in scripts (shell scripts, etc.). For example you can execute:

bcalconsole -e e -t <trumph> -l <leader> -q -d <format> -c <deal>

Please execute program with --help switch to see more details and options:

bcalconsole --help